Thursday, 3 November 2011


I have just added a new section entitled the "After-burn Effect", which discusses high intensity weight training and high intensity cardio interval training, as means to burn fat for the 48 hours following the workout.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

p.s i often use "WebMD" for a range of things, and thought it was quite interesting when i found mention of the After-burn effect. However more importantly what i read was regarding some biological facts about the body pasted below.

"Each extra pound of muscle you carry can burn up to 50 additional calories just to maintain itself -- and with no effort on your part. You can also increase your metabolism by eating foods that require extra energy to digest and metabolize; for example, protein. Your body burns twice as many calories digesting high-protein foods as it does foods that are high in carbs or fat." sourced from

I have often said having a high protein diet is beneficial as you would not be gaining weight, while mainting the necessary reactions in the body such as enzyme formation and muscle repair, but to know that the body consumes more energy digesting protein compared to other sources was quite a nice find.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Update 02/09/2011

Hey guys, noticing there is some traffic so people are checking out the blog. Sorry its taken me a while to update and reply, just started my studies in hospital again and don't actually have internet until 16th sept.

However it always nice knowing people have questions and are taking an interest in this subject, so keep the questions  and comments coming.


Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hi guys, just started this blog, whether you just want to be healthy or want to achieve a certain body shape hopefully there will be something here for you.

So far I have done 2 sections:

1)Section 1 explains some terms, calculations, and shows how knowing your body fat etc is very important for general health, and especially if you want to lose weight or have a certain look.

2)Section 2 goes more into certain diets, and explains how workouts should differ to achieve certain results.

Also I would like for you guys to comment on whatever you want, maybe you would like something explaining I have already mentioned, or perhaps you would like a new section. If you want something specific to a section comment on that page please, for new additions or separate comments simply comment on this post and I will try to respond asap.

I do intend to eventually add an area for certain diseases and conditions and perhaps a section for explaining some of the things regarding diet and nutrients in more depth.